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Monday, May 30, 2011

Grandpa Bates

I wanted to give a tribute to my grandpa. He passed away May 17, 2011 and his funeral service was last week. It was a beautiful service and I know he was there and enjoyed every minute. It was filled with music and memories. I am happy that he was able to finally go home and reunite with not only his one and only sweetheart but his brothers and sisters and parents.
It was so great to meet people who have been touched by my grandpa's selflessness and caring. He was always thinking of others and wanted everyone to be happy. He absolutely LOVED music and he has been my number 1 support through my piano, guitar, and singing. I am going to miss playing for him but I have a feeling he will still be listening. Love you grandpa :)


Angela said...

I agree it was a wonderful service! I really enjoyed being there and am so glad it worked out for us to come. It truly was more of a celebration then a sad time, and I'm glad for that.

And don't worry about not being good about updating your blog. One day you'll have so much to blog about that you won't have time to blog or know where to start! Then that will be your excuse! haha That's where I'm at right now anyway... But keep em coming when you can. I like to read them! =)

Brittney Zundel said...
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