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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This game is awesome! : )

Ok so tonight we played our 2nd Tournament game and won! It was so awesome! We have been playing really well lately and on Friday we go into the elite 8 double elimination tournament! I am so excited because we could actually win the championship! I can't help it but this game is so amazing! : ) I am pretty much obsessed and could play all day long! I took some in-action shots the last few practices and got some good ones!

This is Gary. He joined the team a little later than everyone else but he is so awesome!

Here is Dallas and Sheldon battling it out for the frisbee...Sheldon apparently really hurt is chest area after doing this.

I just thought I would show the aftermath of the game. It is so worth it! and most of the time if i get beat up I at least make the catch which makes the pain that much sweeter! : ) It's all about the sacrifice!

Brandon and Bryce dueling it out.
Here is Casey who actually flew over Michelle in order to get that! It was pretty awesome!

Here is style

This is Bryce or as I like to call him....Mini Bootcamp! (...Ashlee ; ) )

Sheldon flying through the air as usual.

I love our team! We always have so much fun and we have been doing good about the whole winning thing lately so I hope that we keep that up! : )
Who are we? BORN ULTIMATE!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Crazy Busy!

Sorry everyone for the lack of updated stuff! I have been going none stop with school and everything else! I have had a pretty exciting couple of weeks though! Last weekend I was able to go to conference! Angela sent me some tickets that she got from her stake and I was so excited! It was such an incredible experience! The conference center is gorgeous and just being there I was able to feel the spirit so strong! Then when president Monson came in the place went silent and everyone was on their feet. It was so awesome! The talks were really good too and I definitely found some things that I need to work on!

It was a pretty rainy day!

Thanks Ang!! : )

Yesterday was our big Homecoming game against New Mexico and just as expected we won! It was a pretty good game! And as usual it was a lot of fun! It got so freezing at the end though! I couldn't feel my fingers at all! Luckily Michelle and I are really close so we didn't mind cuddling up to help warm ourselves up! : )

In other news.....a couple Friday's ago I went on a date with this guy on my ultimate team. He is definitely one of the best players and he is hilarious! His name is Sheldon and the date was way fun! We carved a pumpkin and wrote this random "story" and then left it on Michelle's doorstep, knocked on the door and ran. It was pretty funny! The best pumpkin I have ever seen too! We were just lauhing the whole time about random things and how I am pretty much the biggest clutz/ditz that ever walked the planet! : )