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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It has been awhile!

I haven't written in so long....what a slacker I know. I guess with being RSP, going to school and actually having a social life this semester, blogging wasn't exactly in my top priority list. I really wish I was better at it though! Good New Years Resolution though right!? : ) Anyway.....I guess a lot has happend since April! haha I will just try and post things that have happened with pictures to get caught up!
I love being home!! I always have the best people to come home to and it is non-stop fun and laughter! : )

Two of my best friends got married over the summer and I am so happy for them both!! ...Always the bridesmaid, never the bride a?.... Kidding!!...kind of. ; )
These are some friends that I have made up at school! I have the best ward and the best of friends right in my complex!

I went and saw Jim Brickman!!! : ) I went with my Auntie and Uncle and it was so incredible!! He is so awesome and he played Angel Eyes...just for me! ; )

I love my cousins!! oh and jamie of course! haha She drove up to Utah with me when I came back for school and it was so much fun all of us hanging out!
Me and "the guys" had our own Christmas and it was so much fun! We drew names and we all got something pretty awesome! I got some Puma perfume (which smells amazing!) and a digital photo keychain from "Bear" (Austin) and they all chipped in and got me a Costco membership!!! haha so awesome! Oh and Santa came for everyone as well! It was fun to open up stockings and make Christmas breakfast together!

So we thought it would be funny to put on the was actually pretty hilarious. : ) Nick just insisted that the ones we used to put on our feet were not used as his stocking for Christmas. haha I was in agreement with that!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring at last!!

Well I am so hoping that the sun stays out this time! I had a hard time adjusting to the whole hardcore-blizzard-in-the-middle-of-April thing! haha The weather is so beautiful right now and I am surrounded by the beauty of Utah! ...the mountains, the trees, the grass, the river behind my apartment! It's gorgeous up here! I am really excited to get home next week though! Well...actually I will be stopping in Las Vegas to visit Angela and all them and to meet the famous "Elder Coffey" that I have heard so much about! : ) I am so glad that all of my sisters are finding guys for me! It makes my job easier! haha thanks Drea and Ang! I have really been missing my family and home lately so it will be nice to take a little break before starting back up for summer semester!

This is me on the day of my FIRST BYU PIANO RECITAL! : ) What an exciting day that was! I was so nervous and I had worked so hard on my pieces! My mom, grandpa, aunt and uncle were driving through so they were all able to be there and Michelle and Joey came as well! It was really nice having all that support! : ) I even met a couple people there that were really nice and it was just fun talking to some new people about piano and what they plan to do with it and stuff. It went really well and I am excited for future recitals!

Last Sunday was Easter of course and I had to teach the lesson in Relief Society! (That is my new calling). The lesson tied in really well with Easter (Section 121 of D&C) so I wanted to do something cute to give everyone and make the lesson unique from the typical reading out of the manual. I made these little baskets with the saying and filled the bottom with candy. I think they turned out really cute and everyone loved them.

("The Easter egg is hallow. Just like they found the tomb. For it is meant to represent that Christ had Risen...For me and For you!")

Something that I learned this year on Easter was how real and specific the Atonement actually is. My eyes were really opened up to that. He really knows what pain I am suffering. Not just the general stuff but he knows what it is like to be alone at night, to fail a test that you studied so hard for, to lose a child that you never were able to meet, to suffer through an addiction, to feel so overwhelmed when you are trying to be "supermom", to lose a friend or loved one, to have cancer drain the life out of you and everyone around you. It is SO real and so amazing and I am so incredibly grateful for the gift Heavenly Father has given to each one of us that we DO NOT HAVE TO SUFFER ALONE. Ever.

That has been such a comfort for me as I have been struggling lately with a bunch of things, but trusting in the Lord and going to the temple has really given me strength to push onward! Life is great! : )

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy Birthday!.....To ME! : )

Well yesterday I celebrated my 21st Birthday! ....I am getting way old. It's weird. It is kind of a bitter sweet thing I suppose. I am excited to be getting older because that means new adventure and new experiences are ahead of me. Yet I am going to miss the years where I didn't have as much responsibility and life wasn't so serious! From conference though I have learned to be happier and I need to work on seeing the good in ALL situations and circumstances! Conference has been so good! The day was really awesome! Michelle invited me over for breakfast and then we watched the first session of conference. After that I went home and got ready for the day and went to check the mail. I had 2 packages and a couple letters!! I was so exciting! I never realized that mail would be such a big thing, and I don't even know why but it is really fun to get mail...; ).

Sheldon came over and helped me open them. He probably thinks I am a freak (if he didn't already that is)! : ) I was going crazy because I was so excited that I had presents and stuff! haha

Tracy sent me all these and they were SO much fun to open up! So. Awesome! Thanks Lady! : )

Angela and the kids sent me some a package as well and it had a nice card, a journal, some pens, a bracelet and some beach stickers that apparently Kayla said I would love them for my birthday! : ) thanks so much Ang! I had a letter from Jared just wishing me a happy birthday and a another card from a family back home. Sheldon brought me a card and a really pretty necklace! I really like it!

....I got a GPS too! Now I will be able to get around a little better! : )

After Priesthood session I went over to Auntie's and then we went over to Derek and Michelle's for the tradition of dinner! It was delicious! and then they revealed my birthday cake! It is SO cute! haha I love it! Terri said that she got this one because she knows I am trying to find my prince at the moment! ; ) (Annabelle is one of my many nicknames!)

After that we watched 7 lbs. with Will Smith and it was so good! It makes you think about life. Anyway it was a really great day and thank you so much to everyone who called, sent stuff, and came to see me! I really appreciate it! It was weird not being home for my birthday for the first time but I am glad I have friends and family up here that care enough about me to make my birthday special!

Friday, March 20, 2009

oopsie! : )

Well I feel like a major slacker that's for sure! I know I have been horrible with keeping up with my blog and a lot has happened over the past few months so I am just going to put up some pictures that help to illustrate my time!

Let's start with Christmas...

Michelle and I started an ugly ornament tradition a few years back and each year I don't think it can get any worse but as you can see....I stand corrected. : ) sick.

Ashlee and I had a lot of fun over Christmas! I don't think I have laughed so hard in my life! I unfortunately do not have all of the videos and pictures that I want to put up but I will put up those when I get home later. (YOU WANT TO SEE THEM, TRUST ME!) ; )

I have acquired a boyfriend and we just celebrated our 4 monther the other day! It has been a lot of fun so far! : )
In February we went up to Las Vegas to visit Ang and my mom and I am so glad that I was able to convince Drea and Jason to come up as well! It was so much fun seeing everyone and getting out of Provo for a little bit!
On Valentine's Day Angela, Christian, Drea, Jason, Sheldon, and I all went down to the strip and watched the fountains at the Bellagio. It was really awesome!! I loved it!

I wanted Ang to take some pictures of me and the kids and I am so glad she did because she is so good at photography and I love these! Thanks Angela!

Before leaving I had to get my usual haircut from Angela! : ) I always complain in the process but I always end up loving it afterwards!

Because it is obviously too cold for frisbee Sheldon and I go and play dodgeball and it has been SO much fun! I love it a lot! It is so intense and awesome! Every Wednesday night you can count on us being there!

After a few weeks I invited Chad and Ritchie to come and play and they showed up like this! It was hilarious! haha They are so hilarious together, they definitely got a few looks that night!

Chaddy strutting his stuff. : ) It has been a lot of fun being up here and hanging out with him more! He makes me laugh constantly and I can always count on him to come to any ultimate game! : ) (...and now dodgeball)

We started doing a monthly girls night with Kylie, Terri, Bonnie, Kimber, and Jenny. Our first one we went out to Olive Garden and then back to Terri's to play games. It was a lot of fun!

"I'll be the Poo!" haha
Auntie was a little upset because she didn't win any of the games! : )

I will try to keep updating more regularly instead of putting it off! So until next time....