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Friday, March 20, 2009

oopsie! : )

Well I feel like a major slacker that's for sure! I know I have been horrible with keeping up with my blog and a lot has happened over the past few months so I am just going to put up some pictures that help to illustrate my time!

Let's start with Christmas...

Michelle and I started an ugly ornament tradition a few years back and each year I don't think it can get any worse but as you can see....I stand corrected. : ) sick.

Ashlee and I had a lot of fun over Christmas! I don't think I have laughed so hard in my life! I unfortunately do not have all of the videos and pictures that I want to put up but I will put up those when I get home later. (YOU WANT TO SEE THEM, TRUST ME!) ; )

I have acquired a boyfriend and we just celebrated our 4 monther the other day! It has been a lot of fun so far! : )
In February we went up to Las Vegas to visit Ang and my mom and I am so glad that I was able to convince Drea and Jason to come up as well! It was so much fun seeing everyone and getting out of Provo for a little bit!
On Valentine's Day Angela, Christian, Drea, Jason, Sheldon, and I all went down to the strip and watched the fountains at the Bellagio. It was really awesome!! I loved it!

I wanted Ang to take some pictures of me and the kids and I am so glad she did because she is so good at photography and I love these! Thanks Angela!

Before leaving I had to get my usual haircut from Angela! : ) I always complain in the process but I always end up loving it afterwards!

Because it is obviously too cold for frisbee Sheldon and I go and play dodgeball and it has been SO much fun! I love it a lot! It is so intense and awesome! Every Wednesday night you can count on us being there!

After a few weeks I invited Chad and Ritchie to come and play and they showed up like this! It was hilarious! haha They are so hilarious together, they definitely got a few looks that night!

Chaddy strutting his stuff. : ) It has been a lot of fun being up here and hanging out with him more! He makes me laugh constantly and I can always count on him to come to any ultimate game! : ) (...and now dodgeball)

We started doing a monthly girls night with Kylie, Terri, Bonnie, Kimber, and Jenny. Our first one we went out to Olive Garden and then back to Terri's to play games. It was a lot of fun!

"I'll be the Poo!" haha
Auntie was a little upset because she didn't win any of the games! : )

I will try to keep updating more regularly instead of putting it off! So until next time....