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Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Big "2-0"

On the 4th of April I celebrated my 20th birthday! I didn't think that was that old until Jamie called me up to wish me a happy birthday and asked if I had woken up that morning with a sore back and aching joints. ...thanks a lot! ; ) So I had a really good birthday this year! On Friday (my actual birthday) Ashlee and some friends took me out to lunch to one of my favorite places, YC's, and that was a lot of fun! But then my favorite part was my date that night!

Jared and I had gone back and forth about what we were going to do and how it was going to work out and everything and things turned out a little different then were planned but it was still the best night! Our plan was to watch Testaments (it always makes him cry and i wanted to see : ) ), go out to dinner and then go star gazing. So he shows up and we are talking for a little while because i wasn't quite ready and then i ask him about the movie (he was supposed to bring it) and he realizes that he didn't even bring it! He felt so bad but it was fine. We ended up just talking and i even played one of my new songs for him on the guitar. So then we went to dinner at Charlestons with Jason and Drea. That was fun! So then we went back to my house and got a blanket and went to a nearby park and just watched the stars for awhile. ; ) It was awesome! So then we came back to my house and he gave me my AMAZING birthday present and then he went home. Sorry everyone, no birthday kiss. : ) It was just a really fun day and a birthday i will definitely be remembering!*

My "lil sis" : )

Ok i know it has been forever but i am going to get better at blogging more often! So these are just a few pictures of my step sister and I golfing and just hanging out! She is so much fun and we are always so crazy together and I love it! I am excited for the years to come, getting closer and taking trips to the happiest place on earth! : )

Jamie's crazy driving! attractive.

"This is Why I'm Hot..." : )