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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Just a few pictures from our Thanksgiving feast! It was fun being with everyone and having a break from work for once!
Drea and I were in the kitchen hard at work the night before making our very first pies! Drea made a homemade (crust and all!) pumpkin pie and I made an apple tart pie that was so good and healthy! :) The crust was made out of dates, pecans, almond meal, and vanilla. Then I just threw in the apples with some agave nectar and cinnamon and put it in the oven! It was a fun night!

Let the feast begin!! :)

Nothing like a little midnight madness! Drea and I stayed up all night and went to the mall at midnight to get some great deals that were going on at the mall. Don't know if I want to attempt that again, it was insane and we were both exhausted! I got some great deals though! :)


Drea said...

We ROCK with our homemade pies! And dinner at dad and Tracy's was AWESOME! Homemade mac & cheese and all! tee hee The best part was midnight madness - I'm still so glad we did not wait in that crazy line!!

Angela said...

Hey, I didn't know you were updating your blog! I will keep an eye on it now. =)
Wish I could have been there for the FEAST! But I guess I didn't need the extra 5 pounds like what I gained with our Christmas feast!! Keep the posts coming! Especially with your new apartment!