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Friday, February 12, 2010

Muse Performance!

A couple weeks ago this kid in my ward, who I usually talk music with, said that his friend offered him a spot to play at Muse Music in Provo. He said that they were looking for someone else to fill the last spot and asked if I wanted it! My first reaction was..."um, No!" ha ha but after thinking about it I realized that this would be such a great opportunity and experience for me! I was so nervous about it because i have never sang and played in front of an actual audience before, but I was so excited about it! It turned out to be an absolute blast and I would defintely do it again! I sang one of my own songs, a song that I helped Ashlee with, and then two covers (Thinking of You by Katy Perry and Happy by Jenny Lewis).

All of my friends from the Ward came and it made me so incredibly happy! I had so much support and it helped calm my nerves to have everyone there! I realized how blessed I am to be living where I am and have the friends that I have. I appreciated them all coming so much!

This is Kalai the guy who got me the spot in the show and Lindsey!
Martha and Lindsey! They are so awesome and probably more excited than I was about singing and playing! I loved they they were able to come!

This is Karen and Elaine from my ward! This was before I went on. They are such awesome girls!
This is Martha! She is so stinking cute and I love her to death! She is my First Counselor and for some reason I couldn't start singing until she got there! It was pretty funny!
After the performance they threw an after party for me and had posters up and it was so much fun! I love all my friends! They are the best! : )

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Nick + Paige said...

Aww...this was mine and Nick's first date. :) I was hiding in the background of the big group picture because I felt like I would be intruding in the picture hahaha. Who would have thought things would have turned out the way they did. :) Yay for being blog buddies! update & come back to Provo!