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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jazz v. Suns Game!

I have been a true and loyal Suns fan since I can remember! My dad had season tickets so we would all take our turn to go with him! It was so much fun! I'm sure my dad didn't enjoy it as much considering I was pretty little and all I was interested in was the cookie man that walked around! : ) I have changed a little bit since them and love watching basketball games! Everyone up here LOVES the Jazz, especially Brad and he has season tickets. We have been talking about this game since like September and it finally came! It was so much fun!....

Getting pumped for the game! The whole ride up, Brad and I were talking smack about who was going to win!

Nashy boy!! I love ya! ha ha It was so awesome seeing "the gang" again! I haven't been to a game in so long!

Luckily there were some Suns fans around where we were sitting so I had some support!

We were both trying to outcheer the other and I couldn't help but do a slow clap right in Brad's face whenever we scored! : )

Brad started getting a little discouraged, or rather, disgusted as the Suns took a 20 point lead by the end of half time. : )

Then I started getting really worried as the Jazz caught up and took a pretty significant lead!

yes yes...i am sad to say that the Jazz won the game. I was/am so bummed!! D. Williams kind of kicked Nash's trash in the 4th quarter. It was an awesome game though! I had to hear about it all the way home! ha ha

The whole night was an absolute blast! It was so much fun and the game was way good! Hopefully the Suns will show up those Jazz next time! : )