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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It has been awhile!

I haven't written in so long....what a slacker I know. I guess with being RSP, going to school and actually having a social life this semester, blogging wasn't exactly in my top priority list. I really wish I was better at it though! Good New Years Resolution though right!? : ) Anyway.....I guess a lot has happend since April! haha I will just try and post things that have happened with pictures to get caught up!
I love being home!! I always have the best people to come home to and it is non-stop fun and laughter! : )

Two of my best friends got married over the summer and I am so happy for them both!! ...Always the bridesmaid, never the bride a?.... Kidding!!...kind of. ; )
These are some friends that I have made up at school! I have the best ward and the best of friends right in my complex!

I went and saw Jim Brickman!!! : ) I went with my Auntie and Uncle and it was so incredible!! He is so awesome and he played Angel Eyes...just for me! ; )

I love my cousins!! oh and jamie of course! haha She drove up to Utah with me when I came back for school and it was so much fun all of us hanging out!
Me and "the guys" had our own Christmas and it was so much fun! We drew names and we all got something pretty awesome! I got some Puma perfume (which smells amazing!) and a digital photo keychain from "Bear" (Austin) and they all chipped in and got me a Costco membership!!! haha so awesome! Oh and Santa came for everyone as well! It was fun to open up stockings and make Christmas breakfast together!

So we thought it would be funny to put on the was actually pretty hilarious. : ) Nick just insisted that the ones we used to put on our feet were not used as his stocking for Christmas. haha I was in agreement with that!