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Thursday, September 18, 2008

It Finally Came! : )

Well today has been absolutley wonderful! I was able to get all my homework done pretty early and I got all my errands done....and oh yeah.....I GOT MY FIRST LETTER FROM JARED!! : ) I am so excited right now! I was just getting so anxious to hear from him and I was on the verge of marching down to the MTC and demanding a letter! haha It has been kind of torturous with him literally right down the street! But anyway I was just wanting to know how he was doing and if he was liking it and stuff. I have been checking the mail everyday for a week and.... nothing. I checked today and never have I been so excited to see a white envelope!! : ) I ran up to my apartment and read it and yes I started crying a bit but they were good tears!
He is doing so well! He loves it and is enjoying every minute! He said that his companion is amazing and that they get along really well, which is good. He told me about how busy his days are but he loves the spirit that he feels constantly and all that he is learning. We are kind of in similar situations; We are both learning SO much and we both love it! : ) He really likes his teachers and said that he finally got to excercise on Saturday! I am just so happy for him! He is doing exactly what he needs to be doing and he has the right attitude and I am just so excited for him! He did mention that he still thinks about me which is kind of
comforting. : ) Just that he is not all depressed about being away from home and that he can just think of all the good times we have had and press forward with the work he needs to do. I will keep you all updated!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Born Ultimate!!

WOO HOOOO!!! I am so excited right now because we just played our first ultimate frisbee game and WE WON!! And it was such a good game too! You play to 12 or 45 minutes (whichever comes first) and we were down the whole time practically. It was a little intimidating at first considering they are an all guy team and they were all wearing red. It was 2 to 6, them, at half time and we knew we needed to "get our heads in the game" so to speak! : ) We kept getting one here and there but they kept scoring as well.
(I will try to get some pictures from our team next time, but this is basically how we do) : )
We finally got it up to 8 /10 and there were 6 minutes left. We just needed 3 more and then hang on to the lead for a few minutes! We were definitely losing steam by now after running hard back and forth trying to block their guys. I don't know what happened but all of a sudden we just got a burst of energy and we were passing good and blocking and getting to the frisbee. There is this one kid Brandon who has some major hops and he is our MVP I would say! You just chuck it in his general direction and he will get there man on or not! So there was about 2 minutes left and it was tied 10 to 10. We were throwing it off and just trying to keep our heads straight and get this last point before time was up. We blocked it from them and then it was our final chance to score. We were making short passes down the field and then all of a sudden Brandon is wide open in the end zone so Bryce just throws it right at him with all he's got and he leaps in the air and we won the game!! It was so amazing and such an exciting game! We were all so excited and we were cheering so obnoxiously afterwards because we were just so surprised that we actually came back and won it! It was like we won the gold medal in ultimate or something and it's just our first game! I am really excited for the other ones! We have one every week for about the next month or so! oh yeah and our team name is Born Ultimate!...Yeah it's awesome! I love this place!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Place

Alright well I finally have gotten my room all figured out and so I thought I would post some pictures so that everyone could see my room and everything. My room is quite a lot smaller than I had imagined it to be before getting here, so things are a bit cramped but I guess I will get used to it! The picture below is what is on our entertainment center when you first walk in. Yeah we made those. : )

This is what is on the outside of my door. Ashlee brought this back for me from Disneyland. I added the border and the flower just to give it a little something extra.
This is the view from my door. As you can see everything is nicely packed together. It took me so long to figure out how to fit my keyboard in my cracker jack box of a room but I finally did it! I of course can't ever open my closet door but hey as long as I have my piano I am good! : )

I of course can't go anywhere without my painting (compliments of Angela) and fairy! That's what makes my room, my room! This is just my closet. I have a few pictures of Christ. The doors are like accordian style and so they open out and so you can see how my keyboard is in the way.

This is just a closer look at my bed. I just wanted to point out that I made my comforter! : ) It took a few days to do but with my aunts help I was able to put it together and i love it! You can't really tell but it is also quilted around the blocks with little daisys on each corner. It was my first time actually making and quiliting a quilt so it is pretty exciting! Probably one of my favorite parts of my room is my picture of Jared and I to the right of my bed. you can't really tell either but I have this little Cinderella glass slipper replica that is in front of the picture and it just looks so cute! : )

This is my desk. It is smashed up against my bed and I know it doesn't really look like it but I literally have to climb into my chair in order to sit down because it doesn't pull out far enough for me to just sit. Yeah that's fun to do. Ashlee thinks it is hilarious everytime I go to use my computer or something and she hears me making noises as I try to squeeze in there or a crash and then "OW" if I just so happen to fall over in the process. And no the drawers on the right side are not part of my desk. That is indeed my nightstand that would not fit anywhere else. I had to get creative. The main focus was on the keyboard! : )

This is my wall to the left of my bed and it is filled with my New York painting, my temple and Hawaii pictures and then of course in the corner is my I Love Lucy antique that I got from Ashlee (my sister). As you can probably tell I love pictures and frames and art and stuff so it wasn't difficult to fill up this wall! And I still have other pictures that I wasn't able to put up anywhere because there wasn't enough room.

This is just a closer look at the top of my desk. I got this new Laugh statue thing just before I left and I love it! I have all my pictures of friends and stuff and then my Princess snowglobe that Jared got for me and then on my wall on the right is my little Jared shrine I guess you could say! haha I just had all these pictures and so I got a little creative with the ones of us I guess and mounted them in these frames and then I put some of his notes that he has written to me around them. I think it looks pretty cute and it just makes me smile when I glance over and read some of the things in his notes. : )

So that is it! I am thinking that I might be taking some stuff home over Christmas break considering that most of it doesn't really fit all that great. Oh well that's all part of college life right? Anyway, tomorrow starts the second week of classes and so far they have been AMAZING so I am pretty excited! I will keep everyone updated on how things are going!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Rise and Shout...

Well school starts tomorrow and I am so excited! I just love how the classes can be related to the gospel and I love all of the classes that I am taking! It should be so great! I'm sure I will have a ton of homework with taking 5 classes but that's what college life is like right? Anyway so all the rumors that I have heard about The Branbury being a party place and stuff seem to be pretty much right on. : ) It just kind of seems like everyone is just into the social part of things and not really a big spiritual group which is kind of a bummer but there are still some really good people. Anyway so I had my first Ultimate practice today and I loved it! I could just play that game all day and night! It's amazing! I will keep you all updated with how thee games go and everything!

Michelle, Rachel and I went to the first game of the season on Saturday! It was so awesome!! We have really good seats too for the season! I pretty much have no clue most of the time what is going on ( i guess i will just have to ask some guys around me ; ) ) but I just love the whole atmosphere of BYU spirit and everyone is so pumped and everything! So here are some pictures from that!